Why choose us/ our competitive advantage
  • BTL has a team of five qualified ICT technicians three of whom are proficient in MBWin setup. We have recruited and are providing field training to the two new trainee consultants. This is to ensure that at any time of need we are able to respond to your requests hence timely service delivery.
  • The BTL team of ICT consultants has vast experience both in ICT and MBWin set up having successfully completed various assignments.
  • BTL is located in Gulu town post office building to take care of our clients in Northern Uganda and West Nile and has an office in Kyebando Central Kampala for our clients in other parts of the country. This means we are closer to you and are in position to provide timely services to you.
  • We operate under a strict policy of quality and timely service delivery hence limiting costs to the client.
  • BTL is also in position to provide the link between the MBWin software developers and the clients, for example we are in position to collect the clients' annual MBWin support fees for onward remittance to the software developer at a very subsidized fee.

Our History

Bloom Technologies Limited is a privately-held Limited company founded on the 2nd of September 2011 with the idea of redefining the standard of ICT services in Uganda.

The company was registered with the office of the registrar of companies on 10th November 2011 with registration number 140241.

Contact Us

Bloom Technologies Limited
Main office: Post Office Building, Gulu
Branch office: Kyebando Central, Kampala.
P.O. Box 25393 Kampala (U)
TEL: 0779582320,
E-mail: info[at]bloomtech.co.ug