Client base

In its early months of business, Bloom Technologies Limited has been privileged to provide consultancy services to a range of business including;

- Moyo SACCO
- Mamidecote SACCO
- Mateete SACCO
- Muhame SACCO
- Agaru SACCO
- Shuuku SACCO
- Toni consult limited
- MIA-DO solutions
N.B: Some of the SACCO assignments were financed by GIZ- FSD Programme.

Our History

Bloom Technologies Limited is a privately-held Limited company founded on the 2nd of September 2011 with the idea of redefining the standard of ICT services in Uganda.

The company was registered with the office of the registrar of companies on 10th November 2011 with registration number 140241.

Contact Us

Bloom Technologies Limited
Main office: Post Office Building, Gulu
Branch office: Kyebando Central, Kampala.
P.O. Box 25393 Kampala (U)
TEL: 0779582320,
E-mail: info[at]