Products and services
Our core business is provision of tailor made ICT solutions. Each organization is different so we analyze what you do and then mold our products and services to suite your needs. Simply put, we review your current ICT systems and design the best ICT solutions to suit your needs. Some of the ICT products and services we provide are as categorized below;
- Software;
Computerization of SACCOs/MFIs using Micro Banker for Windows software,
Customized software development, maintenance and support,
Software procurements, installations, maintenance and support,
Website design, development and maintenance.
- Hardware;
Hardware procurements,
Hardware setup, support and maintenance/repair.
- Networking and virtual security;
LAN and WAN design, installation, maintenance and support,
Virtual security design and implementation.
- Trainings;
Customized ICT based trainings.

Besides ICT based solutions, BTL also provides other ICT related services. These include;
- Security systems;
Access control and time/attendance systems,
Surveillance systems,
Fire extinguishers supply, trainings and maintenance,
Alarm systems.
- Energy solutions;
Solar systems procurement, installation and maintenance,
Inverter systems procurement, installation and maintenance.

Our History

Bloom Technologies Limited is a privately-held Limited company founded on the 2nd of September 2011 with the idea of redefining the standard of ICT services in Uganda.

The company was registered with the office of the registrar of companies on 10th November 2011 with registration number 140241.

Contact Us

Bloom Technologies Limited
Main office: Post Office Building, Gulu
Branch office: Kyebando Central, Kampala.
P.O. Box 25393 Kampala (U)
TEL: 0779582320,
E-mail: info[at]