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Development of a Community Based guide for Monitoring Impacts of oil and gas activities

This Community based guide is the first of its kind to be produced on monitoring oil and gas developments in Uganda.

It is a result of desk research, consultations and field research as well as data that was gathered through consultations with the communities in the oil producing areas. The draft guide was then subjected to peer review by members of the Civil Society Coalition on Oil (CSCO, a coalition of civil society organizations working on oil and gas issues in Uganda.

Reliable sources of information were used as reference points. These include the Environment Impact Assessments done in the Albertine Graben, national legal instruments, a “Land Owners Guide to oil and gas” published by the Oil and Gas Accountability Project of Earthworks USA in Colorado, information from the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development among others. The data was then compiled into a user friendly guide to be used by communities to understand issues of oil and gas and use the information therein for their oversight duty of monitoring.

The guide highlights the various issues that are likely to come up as a result of oil developments and how they can be avoided or reduced. It provides a snapshot of information on oil and gas formation, exploitation and other related processes as well as information on how and where complaints arising from emerging issues can be filed for redress. The development of this guide was in response to the budding need to fill the gap of information availability on oil and gas that could assist the communities to engage and participate in the sector.

It must be appreciated that the specific character of issues related to oil and gas development may necessarily differ from one area to another however certain characteristics remain the same. The cultural variation and differences in socio economic conditions may lead to other new and emerging issues. While this is so, communities may nonetheless find valuable information on how related matters on oil and gas can be addressed and managed.

The guide was launched in Buliisa District in Western Uganda on the 4th of June 2012.


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